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3 Reasons Why Your Coffee Sucks

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3 Reasons Why Your Coffee Sucks Photo by Isaac Benhesed on Unsplash

Quite the headline, I know. I’m sure you read that and said, “well, this should be interesting” or “who the [expletive] is this know it all anyways?” Well, don’t take it personally, you shouldn’t anyways because honestly, it just may not be YOUR fault. So who am I anyways? To give you a brief background I am a not a know it all, just someone who has turned a personal obsession into a new opportunity. I didn’t always have a love affair with coffee, I didn’t actually enjoy it until my mid twenties but all it took was one good cup to turn that switch on for me. There was something about this particular cup of coffee that I just couldn’t put a finger on why it was better but it was, drastically. Thus began my deep dive and from that is what eventually led me to starting Kings Coast Coffee Company with some of my best friends and now excellent business partners. So let’s deep dive and explore the top three reasons why your coffee may suck.

This is the most important thing to look for in your coffee. Great cups of coffee can be made or destroyed by freshness. Coffee has a lifespan, believe it or not. In it’s raw and unroasted state it can last for months even years, however the second you apply heat to those beautiful little pits from the coffee fruit the clock starts ticking. In my opinion coffee is best enjoyed about 24 hours after the roast, giving the natural oils a chance to develop and fully extract. From that point you generally have about 10 days to consume it at peak freshness. After ten days, it’s still drinkable however it begins to deteriorate quickly. Do you self a favor, when you’re about to pick up a bag of roasted coffee, look for the roast date, if it’s not within 10 days, move on and search out a better roaster.

Methods of Preparation:
How are you preparing your coffee? You may not be aware of all the things you are doing wrong when it comes time to brewing your cup of daily joe. I was completely oblivious to all the atrocities that I had committed on my own until I began searching for answers. To me there is really no wrong way to prepare your coffee, french press, pour over, aeropress, drip, cold brew, you name it. However there are a lot of ways to screw any of those methods up and here’s some things that I recommend now matter what method of preparation suits you. Buy a scale, one that converts into grams, start weighing out your coffee and water. For me I prefer 18 grams of freshly ground coffee to 300 grams of water. It’s a ratio that I believe gives you a balanced cup of coffee despite method of preparation. Get yourself a proper burr grinder and grind your coffee fresh! Having your beans ground for you is a complete disgrace, do you still have your mom cut your spaghetti for you? Time to grow up Peter Pan! The reason why I stress this point is because if you’re truly looking for a superior cup of coffee, freshly ground beans is the way to go and in today’s age, a proper grinder won’t cost you more than $50. I recommend a burr grinder because of how it grinds, it even breaks to beans into a uniform size rather than randomly chopped up like a blade grinder would do.

Third, water temperature is CRUCIAL! That’s right, there is a thing as your coffee being TOO hot. When you’re brewing your coffee make sure that your water is in a temperature range of 185F-205F any hotter and the water will actually scorch your coffee and leave it tasting bitter. One last little bit of advice, taste your coffee BEFORE adding cream and sugar. Coffee a lot of times and especially when it’s fresh and brewed to perfection doesn’t need anything added to it

Mediocrity and Lack of Passion:

“Good is the enemy of Great.” Jim Collins couldn’t have said it any better, perfectly put, sometimes we all settle for good or “good enough” and that’s truly disappointing. There is no such thing as perfect, just the will to pursue perfection or something along those lines. There’s a lot of really “ok” coffee out there, there’s even people who are succeeding in business by selling a good product. For me, good isn’t good enough, I want to produce a great product. I want coffee that someone is going to try for the first time and say “Wow, this is something else!” It is that reaction that has pushed me to take my coffee seriously and constantly be searching for ways to improve it. “Find your passion, pursue it whatever the cost” is something a mentor of mine once told me. Many people get complacent and comfortable with things being “ok” or “good” however for me, I need to constantly be pushing myself to find something more and hopefully you’ll do the same.

Now get out there and stop drinking bad coffee!

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I’m a classically trained chef now turned coffee roaster. I grew up in a waterfront town on Long Island and have lived here for the majority of my life. I pride myself on being an Islander, raised by parents who worked hard for the living and to provide for their family. With over twelve years spent running some of the most successful and cutthroat kitchens on the Island I began to think of “what else could I be doing?” then coffee, once an afterthought became a daily obsession. I delved into the world of coffee and couldn’t get enough, why was certain coffee better and how can I make that for myself.

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    Good post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon every day.
    It will always bee interesting to read through articlkes from other writers
    and use a little someting from their websites.

  • Comment Link Jeff B. Saturday, 31 March 2018 13:13 posted by Jeff B.

    I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge about coffee. My wife and I have recently started to move away from our Keurig to home ground, pour over coffee. Although, we absolutely still enjoy the occasional Captain's Stash when there's a bit of a time crunch!
    Relating to your timeline, I have a question on storage: Fridge or cupboard? What difference, if any, is there to storing it in either? Or should it be consumed in such a short time that it would be moot?

  • Comment Link Fateless Friday, 30 March 2018 22:17 posted by Fateless

    This motivated me to do more research on coffee and how to make the best cup in every style. I have a dream or more like a goal of mine to open a coffee shop where I can make any kind of coffee that anyone could want. It's awesome to read about someone's passion that parallels mine thanks for the tips on making a great cup of coffee I look forward to the cup of coffee made with KINGS COAST COFFEE beans, now that I'm armed with that knowledge, I can get that much better a brewing coffee.

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